Suzuki SV650 Review

Suzuki SV650 represent the fourth generation of SV Motorcycle models. The manufacturer unveiled the concept back in 2015 featuring reduced weight and more power. It presents elegant redesigns, including a fresh outlook and better engine performance. This bike is perfect both for general commuting and racing activities, thanks to its sporty designing and appearance.


The SV650 replaces the previous Gladius (SVG650) model and is offered at a great price. If you’re looking for a suitable entry level motorbike or want to upgrade to more aesthetic ride, then this is a perfect option for you.



Suzuki SV650 Review

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Suzuki SV650 Review– General Design

The motorbike comes in an impressive styling, and you can refer to it as a naked sports bike with an exposed frame and engine arrangement. Its light designing makes it perfect for sporting activities. It features a curb weight of about 434 pounds, making it 18 pounds lighter than its predecessor. This makes it easy to handle at low speeds and when making final parking manoeuvres. The frame is made using quality Tubular steel trellis making it robust enough to keep the engine and other body essentials in position. Typically, there are no aluminium elements in the body chassis; even the swing – arm is made of steel.



The body styling adopts a stressed engine arrangement with a mill structural element to complete the body frame. This further lightens the structure and makes maintenance and repairs an easy task. The bike looks clean and elegant, thanks to the minimal front fender designing and sub – frame rear fender styling. Except typical street – bike lines and a seat height of about 30.9 inches that enables you to quickly set yourself in a sport typical jockey position. The handlebars encourage an aggressive forward – learning position.




Suzuki SV650 – Wheels and Braking

Suzuki SV650 – Wheels and Braking

The great designing for the SV650 is complemented by sporty wheels. It features a front tire size of 120/70 ZR17 and rear tire size of 160/60 ZR17. The 17 – inch hoops are mounted by 5 – spoke aluminium rims. It features dual front braking system. The dual 290 mm front discs are bonded by a pair of twin – pot callipers while the single 240 mm rear disc is bonded by a single – pot calliper.



The motorbike comes with a new ABS, which is built by Nissan. The ABS weighs around quite lighter than the ones found on the previous model, though provides the same quality of safety. The front suspension features a non – adjustable 41 mm telescopic forks while the rear suspension presents a 7 – way preload adjuster mono shock.




suzuki sv650 engine

Suzuki Sv650 – Engine

Powering the new SV650 concept is a 645cc liquid – cooled 8V DOHC V – twin engine with a fuel capacity of 13.8 litres. This engine is capable of producing up to 75 horsepower at 47 lb-ft of torque and rev of around 5,000 rpm. The engine is coupled with a six – speed transmission system using a multi – plate clutch.


Power delivery is smoothened by Suzuki’s Dual – Throttle Valve while engine operation is overseen by an Electromagnetic Control Module (ECM). This module reads oxygen intake levels and pressure hence manages emissions. The fuel tank is rated at a range of 149 miles while average fuel consumption is about 49 miles per gallon. Its top speed is rated at 130 miles per hour.




Suzuki SV650 – Competition and Pricing

The motorbike goes for around £4975.00 as the base price. It faces competition from other top models including Yamaha FZ – 07 and Honda CB650S.

Ducati 900ss Review

Ducati 900s is dubbed as probably the best in its series; the Ducati 900ss is a true masterpiece when it comes to motorcycles. Even though this bike takes many design aspects from previous releases, Ducati was able to create the perfect combination to, once again, impress the many Ducati fans out there. In today’s Ducati 900ss review, we will be taking a look at these specs, speed and a variety of tips you should consider when you want to buy one of these legendary motorcycles for yourself.

Ducati specs

Ducati 900ss Specs

The Ducati 900ss comes equipped with powerful sets of specs. One the outside, the motorcycle features an attractive design that’s pretty standard for Ducati’s series of motorcycles, but on the inside, the bike features powerful internals to provide the rider with the best motorcycle experience they could ask for- on the road, in the mountain or wherever the rider wants to go.


The bike is powered by an air cooled four stroke engine. The engine features two valves per cylinder with a Mikuni BDST 38-B67 induction. Valves ensure ultimate power when it comes to all kinds of driving- whether you are taking a stroll through the city or taking on a drag race.

The engine is situated within an improved sports frame that came from the 750, just revised and with improved strength to allow a better fitting.


A 6-speed transmission combined with a chain drive provides a comfortable drive. A 41mm Showa inverted fork that’s adjustable and feature a 120mm wheel travel has been suited for the front suspension. The rear suspension is a Showa progressive suspension that offers a mono shock that’s easily adjustable. The rear suspension features a 120mm wheel travel.

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The bike also features an astonishing maximum power of 85hp @7000rpm and a maximum torque level at 84Nm@ 6400rpm. Two 320mm front brake discs and a single 245mm rear brake disc will make braking in an instant a breeze.

top speed ducati

Top speed

With this powerful internal combination, the Ducati 900ss has seen top speeds of up to 130mph. The bike is also known as the fastest twin to be legalised for the use on the street. According to statistics, the speed of the Ducati closely matches the standards of the Japanese 750 fours, a series of high-performance bikes manufacturers within the Japanese region. A Quarter-mile test was also performed with this bike and it outperformed the 907 by one-tenth.


The amazing speed and abilities of the Ducati are mostly due to excellent balance between the power to weight ratio. The bike weighs around 140.5 pounds and has been proven to be lighter in weight than any of the Japanese 600cc sports bikes. This bike is also lighter compared to Ducati 900 Supersport model.


Ducati 900ss For Sale

While the Ducati 900ss might be an older release of the Ducati motorcycle series, it is known as one of the best, fastest and lightweight bikes to be manufactured by the company. Many people call this bike the ‘’legend’’ of Ducati due to its amazing features that make your bike ride simply perfect.

There are many places where you can find the Ducati 900ss for sale, including local places and online. By doing your research properly, you will be able to find a great deal on one of these bikes, but it is usually recommended to find a private owner that took great care of their motorbikes- this will ensure you get a bike that’s still in excellent condition and will provide you with the best possible experience of the 900ss.

When looking to buy one of these bikes online or offline, it is important to know that you need to be prepared to pay the price tag that bikes come with. While some bikes can be bought for around $1000 to $2000, you should expect to pay a minimum of $4000 for a second hand Ducati 900ss. You should also realise that the bike received several different models, released from 1983. The final release for the legendary motorcycle was made in 1997.



buy ducati

Tips to buy Ducati 900ss

Buying a Ducati 900ss for yourself shouldn’t be taken up lightly. The bike features a lot of powerful specs, a beautiful design and it was dubbed as one of the best bikes ever to be manufactured by Ducati.

The also means that there will be a higher price tag if you find one of these motorcycles for sale, and you should be ready and prepared to pay the price.

Before you go out to buy one of these bikes, be sure to save up at least 4000 bucks as this is the minimum their going for all around the world. In fact, 1983 models go for 20k and more in some locations due to its popularity vs. rarity. These are important facts that any potential buyer of the 900ss should deeply consider before gaining enough capital to invest in the bike is essential. A vehicle loan or personal loan at your local bank might be necessary if you are unable to come up with the full amount at once. Since the sale will most likely be private, you will probably not able to negotiate payment arrangements with the private seller.

When you find a potential seller, make sure always to give them a visit to inspect bike properly. It is also helpful to take the bike to a local mechanic to get all parts of the bike checked. The last step is to take the bike for a test drive- go for a ride on the bike and feel if everything is fine while riding. Be sure to test out the street performance of the motorcycle, as well as any off-road activity that you are planning on using the bike for. Make sure if everything is good and you are about to buy a bike you get a legal receipt for your purchase since a lot of money is involved and you have proof that you have purchased a bike from its previous owner.

Kawasaki Zx-12R Review


Are you a rider looking for a powerful touring machine that will give you a one of a kind riding experience? This Kawasaki Zx-12R is all that you need. It is well known for having the highest speed of all Kawasaki bikes and also a great competitor to Hayabusa. It is specially designed with outstanding features to suit the needs of an enthusiastic biker. Talk of speed, though it is not the highest for a sports tourer it is enough for an exciting ride. Listed below are the irresistible features of this bike that you will want to experience.





The type of engine on a machine determines highly how it performs. When it comes to engine power of this Kawasaki bike doesn’t outdo Blackbird, but it ranges closely to do it. It comes with a horizontal in-line powerful engine that supports 180MPH maximum speed which is quite convenient for bikers that love riding at high speeds. This advanced 2005 bike will give you the best engine you could ever want for your biking sessions. It’s engine comes with a 5-gallon capacity and a six-speed manual transmission.





Kawasaki Zx-12R Review


A quality machine is the need of every serious biker. This bike comes with high-quality features that add up to its durability and high quality. It stays strong even when the bike rides for a long, and it also gives the rider a champion feeling during their touring rounds. The sturdy monocoque frame gives the Kawasaki Zx rider the pleasure of enjoying stability and firmness even on high speed. Talking about the quality, we don’t leave behind the accessories for this bike. They match perfectly with the high quality of this biking machine. Compared to Hayabusa the accessories quality of this machine is high-tech since their excellence is close to that of that Hayabusa’s accessories. If quality of your motorbike is good it will help you in selling a bike too.




user tools

User Tools

The user equipment of this bike is very convenient for the user. It is featured with a large console where the biker can adjust the settings they need for the ride and read their riding performance quickly. It also comes with a clock for the biker to see the time they consume in their running sessions. Moreover, with this machine, you can be sure that your fuel tank won’t run dry. It features a fuel gauge to keep you informed on your fuel consumption.







For the rider’s safety, a racing bike needs to have a very efficient brake system. On this factor, this Kawasaki bike never disappoints. It comes with front double and back disc brakes for maximum convenience when you want to stop. It is also featured with radiated callipers which will enable the racer to exert more power than a Hayabusa rider.



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motorbike wheels


It is define that good wheels are a concern to any passionate racer. Well, this bike is designed with aluminium wheels that stay strong in any terrain. Being a racer, there are many roads you want to explore, and you can be assured that with this sturdy aluminium wheels you won’t face any limitations.



2 Piece passengers Seat

If you are a racer that loves some company on your bike as you ride this machine will suit you perfectly. It is featured with a two piece passenger seat to make it possible for you to enjoy your touring turns with a passenger on board. With this feature, your ride will be full of fun, and you will be surprised on how you will cover long distances pretty fast.




Availability of Accessories

Whether it’s the engine accessories the exterior frills that you need they are readily available in the Kawasaki stores. You can even order the online quite easily from EBay, Amazon or Andys Auto sports sites anytime.





Attractive Design

Having an attractively designed bike will keep you more energised during the ride. The moment you hit the road with this bike, you will be surprised how much it will draw people’s attention. Its aluminium construction on the frame monocoque and the pretty flat covers are one source of its attractiveness. Moreover, the alloy frame with a powder coating is also one appealing feature that is irresistible.





Any runner that loves riding at high speeds will love this bike because its acceleration level is completely out of this world. With its powerful engine, the rider can accelerate on corners without losing stability. This is made possible by the 200 section rear tyre that sticks firm to the road and brings low all the weight. With this kind of acceleration, you will gain momentum at an incredible pace that will leave you surprised.





Once you decided to purchase this touring machine, you will need to budget on not less than $11,999 if you want a new one. This price is fair to the customer compared to the kind of fun they will experience with a motorcycle. However, you should note that the price ranges from different stores and product sites. Ensure that you do as much research as you can to ensure that you go home with the best deal.



  • It is fast- Comes with 180Mph
  • It is fair prices compared to the features it offers
  • Comfortable to ride
  • Economiser on fuel use
  • Machine’s accessories are easily available
  • Insurance costs are fairly affordable.