Kawasaki Zx-12R Review



Are you a rider looking for a powerful touring machine that will give you a one of a kind riding experience? This Kawasaki Zx-12R is all that you need. It is well known for having the highest speed of all Kawasaki bikes and also a great competitor to Hayabusa. It is specially designed with outstanding features to suit the needs of an enthusiastic biker. Talk of speed, though it is not the highest for a sports tourer it is enough for an exciting ride. Listed below are the irresistible features of this bike that you will want to experience.





The type of engine on a machine determines highly how it performs. When it comes to engine power of this Kawasaki bike doesn’t outdo Blackbird, but it ranges closely to do it. It comes with a horizontal in-line powerful engine that supports 180MPH maximum speed which is quite convenient for bikers that love riding at high speeds. This advanced 2005 bike will give you the best engine you could ever want for your biking sessions. It’s engine comes with a 5-gallon capacity and a six-speed manual transmission.





Kawasaki Zx-12R Review


A quality machine is the need of every serious biker. This bike comes with high-quality features that add up to its durability and high quality. It stays strong even when the bike rides for a long, and it also gives the rider a champion feeling during their touring rounds. The sturdy monocoque frame gives the Kawasaki Zx rider the pleasure of enjoying stability and firmness even on high speed. Talking about the quality, we don’t leave behind the accessories for this bike. They match perfectly with the high quality of this biking machine. Compared to Hayabusa the accessories quality of this machine is high-tech since their excellence is close to that of that Hayabusa’s accessories. If quality of your motorbike is good it will help you in selling a bike too.




user tools

User Tools

The user equipment of this bike is very convenient for the user. It is featured with a large console where the biker can adjust the settings they need for the ride and read their riding performance quickly. It also comes with a clock for the biker to see the time they consume in their running sessions. Moreover, with this machine, you can be sure that your fuel tank won’t run dry. It features a fuel gauge to keep you informed on your fuel consumption.







For the rider’s safety, a racing bike needs to have a very efficient brake system. On this factor, this Kawasaki bike never disappoints. It comes with front double and back disc brakes for maximum convenience when you want to stop. It is also featured with radiated callipers which will enable the racer to exert more power than a Hayabusa rider.



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motorbike wheels


It is define that good wheels are a concern to any passionate racer. Well, this bike is designed with aluminium wheels that stay strong in any terrain. Being a racer, there are many roads you want to explore, and you can be assured that with this sturdy aluminium wheels you won’t face any limitations.



2 Piece passengers Seat

If you are a racer that loves some company on your bike as you ride this machine will suit you perfectly. It is featured with a two piece passenger seat to make it possible for you to enjoy your touring turns with a passenger on board. With this feature, your ride will be full of fun, and you will be surprised on how you will cover long distances pretty fast.




Availability of Accessories

Whether it’s the engine accessories the exterior frills that you need they are readily available in the Kawasaki stores. You can even order the online quite easily from EBay, Amazon or Andys Auto sports sites anytime.





Attractive Design

Having an attractively designed bike will keep you more energised during the ride. The moment you hit the road with this bike, you will be surprised how much it will draw people’s attention. Its aluminium construction on the frame monocoque and the pretty flat covers are one source of its attractiveness. Moreover, the alloy frame with a powder coating is also one appealing feature that is irresistible.





Any runner that loves riding at high speeds will love this bike because its acceleration level is completely out of this world. With its powerful engine, the rider can accelerate on corners without losing stability. This is made possible by the 200 section rear tyre that sticks firm to the road and brings low all the weight. With this kind of acceleration, you will gain momentum at an incredible pace that will leave you surprised.





Once you decided to purchase this touring machine, you will need to budget on not less than $11,999 if you want a new one. This price is fair to the customer compared to the kind of fun they will experience with a motorcycle. However, you should note that the price ranges from different stores and product sites. Ensure that you do as much research as you can to ensure that you go home with the best deal.



  • It is fast- Comes with 180Mph
  • It is fair prices compared to the features it offers
  • Comfortable to ride
  • Economiser on fuel use
  • Machine’s accessories are easily available
  • Insurance costs are fairly affordable.